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Some vehicle models don’t support fuel level as parameter on the vehicle CANbus. The Squarell Fuel Level sensor is a universal product to read the Fuel level from the existing fuel level sensor on the tank and translates this signal into a standard Squarell message. Together with a Squarell Interface this message becomes available on CANbus or RS232.

The Fuel Level Sensor is a small device mounted in the truck near to the Squarell FMS interface. The cable to connect to the existing fuel level sensor on the tank is 6 meters long and can be extended or shortened if needed. The volume of the tank is divided in 250 steps. This means 4/10% accuracy. The Squarell Fuel Level Sensor always needs a Squarell interface device.

The interface stores the lowest and highest measured value and divides the difference into 250 steps (is 4/10% per step). The input range is 0 up to 32.67 Volt (or 0 down to -32.67 Volt)


  • Converts analog fuel gauge signal into CANbus message
  • For vehicles without fuel level on CANbus
  • Universal solution
  • Resolution of 250 steps
  • Easy to install
  • Smart and intelligent
  • Automatic calibration
  • Connects to FLEX or SOLID