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Some vehicle models don’t support fuel level as parameter on the vehicle CANbus. The Squarell Fuel Level sensor is a universal product to read the Fuel level from the existing fuel level sensor on the tank and translates this signal into a standard Squarell message. Together with a Squarell Interface this message becomes available on CANbus or RS232.

The Fuel Level Sensor is a small device mounted in the truck near to the Squarell FMS interface. The cable to connect to the existing fuel level sensor on the tank is 6 meters long and can be extended or shortened if needed. The volume of the tank is divided in 250 steps. This means 4/10% accuracy. The Squarell Fuel Level Sensor always needs a Squarell interface device.


  • Converts analog fuel gauge signal into CANbus message
  • For vehicles without fuel level on CANbus
  • Universal solution
  • Resolution of 250 steps
  • Easy to install
  • Smart and intelligent
  • Automatic calibration
  • Connects to FLEX or SOLID

How does it work?

Download fuel level sensor leaflet

The interface stores the lowest and highest measured value and divides the difference into 250 steps (is 4/10% per step). The input range is 0 up to 32.67 Volt (or 0 down to -32.67 Volt)