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Fagor Electrónica

Fagor Electrónica has more than 47 years of experience designing and manufacturing electronic equipment and components for a worldwide market. Fagor´s Fleet Management Systems integrates Squarell technology in its advanced solutions. This partnership allows Fagor Electronica to develop and offer one of the most powerful software tools available in the market, FlotasNet®. This tool has been designed to give a complete telematics solution to the transportation companies and increase their competitiveness, cost savings and total control of their fleet.

Success story: Medellin City

Metropolitan Transportation (bus) Management


  • Client: Alianza MEI U.T.
  • Location: Medellin City, Colombia.
  • Vehicles: > 400 buses in 1st stage.
  • Industry: Urban Transportation (passengers).
  • Vehicles make: mostly HINO.

The problem

MEI needed a partner capable of providing an integrated technical solution for total control of:

  • Operation: routes monitoring and traceability in terms of timetables compliance and historic reports.
  • Drivers: efficiency, safety and comfort of the passengers on the journey (Drivers behaviour).
  • Maintenance: Total control in real time of parameters related to preventive and corrective maintenance of the units.
  • Passengers: Integration with passengers count system preinstalled on the buses for a full record of hop ins and hop outs.


Fagor and Skytracking knew from a glance that for points 1, 2 and 3, the technological solution needed Squarell devices for connecting to the buses. Squarell is the most complete and advanced solution for “listening” to every vehicle ECU. Fagor trusts in no other solution when CAN bus interfacing is required. The most important requirement made by the client was “One platform must fit all demands”, regarding the 4 point mentioned before.This platform was Fagor’s FlotasNet®. Other options for MEI needed specific providers for each main requirement or the alliance and integration between technologies. Fagor was already prepared for the task, as most of their projects are based on tailored & integrated technologies for fleet management.


Squarell’s technology allows us to develop and offer one of the most powerful solution in the advanced fleet management industry: FlotasNet®. This tool is the complete telematics solution for transportation companies to increase their competitiveness, cost savings and total control of their fleet.
Hand in hand with Squarell, Fagor is leading in the market thanks to the accuracy and added value solutions, adapted to every project.

The solution

How did Fagor solved the 4 main project requirements?

MEI needed an automated tool to assign the bus route to a vehicle and monitor its development in real time according to the loaded timetables. FlotasNet® also generates historic reports with the important KPI’s of every stop made by every bus on all routes, the result, total monitoring of Service Level Agreement.
Each driver information is registered in FlotasNet®, then a personal pin is assigned to each driver. The driver is identified in the vehicle at the beginning of a route and then, all the information regarding every specific route is related to the driver who made it. FlotasNet® generates valuable reports on every driver’s performance and quality thanks to Squarell captured data. MEI has all the information needed to qualify their drivers, in term of time scheduling compliance and also in terms of how are they making use of the vehicles they drive.
Thanks to the CAN bus connection and FlotasNet® platform, the preventive maintenance of every unit is programmed and notified to the assigned manager, generating alerts with the desired anticipation and there for supporting a mechanical intervention in optimal time, no waiting, reducing “out of service” times and extending units operational lifetime.
MEI customers are the passengers using the metropolitan bus service in Medellin, the responsibility of transporting people is a top priority for MEI. The way that drivers operate the vehicle is directly reflected in passengers in two ways:

  • Safety: The better they drive the safer the routes will be for the passengers.
  • Comfort: Best practices on Eco-Driving delivers an increase of the comfort of the passengers.

Some of the data obtained from Squarell feeding FlotasNet® reports and modules are:

  • Engine speed.
  • Engine torque.
  • Throttle position.
  • Fuel used.
  • Lts/ 100 Km.
  • Time-outs.
  • Brake applications.
  • Harsh braking.


Professionalisation requires innovation. Innovation requires technology implementation. No matter the field or industry, it’s a common demand. Business Intelligence, Telemetry, Real Time, Accuracy, Telecommunications, Internet Of Things (IoT),… are all everyday used words for Fagor Electronics. Hand in hand with Squarell, Fagor is leading the advanced Fleet Management Systems Industry, thanks to the accuracy and added value solutions adapted to every project.