Time ParametersBig data is the holy grail nowadays! There is an increasing need for better data, also in the telematics market. However, a significant problem is the comparability of the vehicle data harvested by telematics systems. Because of the wide range of different vehicle brands, types, models and build years, this data is not always uniform.

Advantages of using Squarell’s technology

Squarell Technology provides universal (standardised) vehicle parameter data for your entire fleet. Other solutions will provide non-uniform or biased data, which will make it complicated to compare different vehicles with each other.

Squarell solutions are brand independent. Because we use multiple data sources, we can provide more accurate information throughout the whole range of vehicles in the fleet consisting of trucks, vans and cars. This makes the comparison of the data between different vehicles very easy. Additionally, Squarell’s technology provides some very interesting parameters that the FMS standard does not. Examples of these are interior, security/safety, and trailer parameters. Another benefit of our interface is the support for RS-232 serial ports. Telematic service providers can properly deal with this output format.

One solution for your entire fleet

RS-232 serial portSquarell’s vehicle data interface provides universal data to easily compare all the vehicles in your fleet. This ensures that all vehicle data can be compared in a standardised form: one solution for the entire fleet.

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