Vehicle parameters

The REMOTE sends various data by FMS/J1939 CANbus or RS232. This data contains the FMS standard parameters, J1939 parameters, but also Squarell calculated parameters that can help you analyse the vehicle performance with the view to improve it.

Check the available vehicles for all the supported parameters per vehicle brand/model.

Squarell safety parameters

Many fleet owners look for details on the use of their vehicles. Safety is an important topic. Traffic is more hectic, time pressure is high, maintenance and insurance costs need to be controlled.

Besides the Fleet Management System (FMS) data, Squarell offers a wide range of safety parameters…

→ More information about Safety Parameters

Selection of supported vehicle parameters

Speed & Cruise

  • Speed
  • Odometer
  • Cruise control active
  • Over speeding
  • Cruise time
  • Harsh driving analysis

Brake analysis

  • Brake switch
  • Brake applications
  • Harsh brake indicators


  • RPM
  • Engine hours
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Actual engine torque
  • Turbo pressure
  • Idle analysis

Fuel analysis

  • Total fuel used
  • Fuel level
  • Actual fuel consumption
  • Fuel used during idle

Clutch & gear

  • Clutch switch
  • Clutch applications
  • Over revving
  • Kickdown switch


  • Service distance
  • Axle weight
  • Vehicle ID
  • Driving time
  • PTO
  • and others