Cameras in trucks can provide safety and give fleet managers more visibility into overall fleet safety. Integrating dash cam video with fleet management software gives managers insight into driver behaviors such as hard braking, hard cornering, rapid acceleration, or speeding.

POM benefits

  • Controls 4 cameras around your vehicle

  • Activate cameras with turn signals

  • Activate cameras via a switch

The Power Output Module (POM) is a Special Function Device module (SFD module) that can be connected to one SFD port of a Squarell device. It can control 6 camera’s around your vehicle.

The POM has one 4-pole SFD connector and four cable variants: for the Solid, the BE, the REMOTE and the Trailer Box. The POM has one 12-pole connector, with 6 electrically isolated outputs, 2 electrically isolated inputs and its own + and – supply voltage connection because the inputs and outputs are electrically separated internally from the other electronics.

Between 11Vdc and 30 Vdc may be connected to its own supply voltage input. When an output is turned “on” this supply voltage is applied to this output, this output is thus the + for the camera, the – for the camera is simply connected to the ground. The outputs can be connected to cameras, lights or a siren, for example.

The software of the device (often a DCF) specifies which vehicle signals turn on which outputs, for example, if the left turn signal is active, camera 1 turns on, etc.

So the cameras can be turned on and off by the vehicle. It is great if the driver of the vehicle also has the ability to turn output groups on and off with up to two switches as well. For this purpose, the POM has two inputs that become active when a voltage is applied to them via a switch. For each input a custom output combination can be chosen for example; 

input 1 on; output 1,2,3 on for all left cameras, input 2 on; output 4,5,6, on for all right cameras, so both on is all on. When the left cameras are turned on and the right direction indicator turns on, the corresponding camera also turns on.

The POM gives a fault message if its own supply voltage is too low or if an output driver has become too hot. The POM does not have an internal power fuse.

Technical information

Dimensions/Weight Length 55 mm, Width 52 mm, Heigth 18 mm/95 grams
Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C
Environmental sealing IP44
Power consumption controller 30 mA from SFD port
Outputs Vbat 11-35Vdc, Output voltage = Vbat, Output current per output 1.2 A, Outputs are short circuit protected, outputs are electrical isolated from SFD port
Inputs Input voltage 5- 30 Vdc, Both inputs can be used to switch on pre-configured output groups, inputs are electrical isolated from SFD port
SFD Separate 4-pole for SFD connection, Different SFD Cables are available for SOLID, REMOTE, BE and Trailerbox
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