Prometheus Informatics

Prometheus Informatics has all the technical knowledge and means to make businesses more efficient and provide insight. They will help and ensure that the organization is in first place, through continuous innovation.

Prometheus Informatics

Prometheus Informatics has been helping organizations since 1989 with digitalizing business processes. They do that with the help of innovative software solutions that have a higher added value than the investment shortly after installation. They help and give organizations an innovative advantage. Through their unique combination of proven solutions alongside new technologies and services, they have been growing constantly ever since their foundation. Because of that, they have grown from an onboard computer supplier to a supplier of a total telematics platform: one online environment in which businesses can digitalize all their logistics processes.

The vision of Prometheus

Realizing added value leads to a long-term partnership with our clients. That’s our main goal. We do this by creating cost savings for you, but also by reaching our CSR goals. This goal is summarized at Prometheus Informatics into 4 focus points: innovation, specialization, integration and flexibility.

Prometheus Informatics,